Patricia, or as she is lovingly called by friends and family, Princess P, is the Esteem Owner and Creative Designer behind the Princess P BodiLicious brand. Born in Jamaica, Patricia is from a long family line of Healers, Nurses, Prayer Warriors, Root Workers, Herbalists, Mediums and Entrepreneurs. Throughout her life, Patrica has had an uncanny, intuitive ability and “knowingness” about herbal healing and is able to tap into high energy frequency for sustained healing.  


As a licensed and certified Teacher with an Herbalist and Reiki background and a Product Developer/Designer, Life Strategy Specialist and Motivational Speaker, Patricia utilises her knowledge and ability to help people from all walks of life find healing, wellness, and transformation. 

"My purpose is to help people reconnect to Soul Love and their Gorgeousness". ~Princess P

The Face Behind the Brand

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