How We Began


Princess P BodiLicious bloomed out of our Esteemed Owner, Patricia's, frustration of not getting sustained healing from store-bought skin-care products and prescribed medications for atopic dermatitis and acne.


Patricia always believed everything in the physical world has a Spiritual blueprint of sort and thus her skin issue had a Spiritual root. If she was able to tap into the Spiritual root of the issue then it could be uprooted and healed.  


Through meditation, intuitive guidance and research, Patricia developed the Product Match Vibration (PMV) Technique and  formulated her first product called the Your Beauty Face Serum, a multipurpose serum to target dry, acne-prone, mature-ageing skin or Rosacea-prone skin. The Serum was so effective, it cleared up Patricia's skin without recurrences, which surprised everyone, even the Dermatologist. Eventually, Patricia began offering the PVM Technique coupled with Life Coaching and Consultation to friends and family and developing products.


Princess P BodiLicious began with a focus on Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotion Health, Wellness and Healing and continue doing so. We have grown exponentially through word-of-mouth. We Design and Develop Hair, Skin and Beauty products that the whole family can use, and help people transform their lives and reconnect to their Divine Gorgeousness by providing Strategic Solutions and Alternative/Holistic Services.


Although we have grown through word of mouth, implementing social media strategy is further increasing our brand recognition. 


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