How a Serum shaped our Story


I am shook at how healthy, soft and moisturized my hair is since I started using PPB products!  My curls are more vibrant and pretty. 


Althea R.

Princess P BodiLicious brand began with the Your Beauty Shine Serum, a multi-purpose face oil to target Patricia's (AKA: Princess P) atopic dermatitis/acne. The serum was so effective at treating her acne, and desiring to use more organic, wholesome products, Patricia began creating products for personal use. For sustained healing with a focus on "product match frequency and vibration for healing", Patricia developed the Product Match Vibration (PMV) Technique. The Technique was so effective and as a result, friends and family began recommending others, leading to a more strategic customer brand of products and services.

The Product Match Vibration (PMV) Technique:

the premise

The PMV Technique is based on the premise that a person may get sustained healing by getting to the Spiritual root of an issue. Thus, creating a product with high frequency resonance combined with Alternative/Spiritual/Holistic Healing may bring the body back into alignment, thereby allowing energy to flow easier through the body releasing it of blockages that can create DIS-ease and DIS-stress. Presently the PMV Technique is offered as an Intuitive Consultation.

It was Divine Intervention plus friends and family who believed in the essence of our products and services, and word-of-mouth that have helped shaped the Princess P BodiLicious brand into what it is today.  Princess P BodiLicious products are formulated with premium, Grade-A ingredients to nourish, heal and leave your hair and skin in optimal health. We are sure you and your family will love and become #BodiLiciously obsessed with our products.



"Why couldn't we have met Patricia sooner! We spend hundred of dollars buying products and medications for my father's scalp issues and nothing worked long term.  Five years ago Patricia customized two products, which were very effective!  Ever since, we're never out of the products and have never used another brand! We have recommended friends and family who are now enjoying Patricia's products. The products are amazing and they work!" 

~Katherine O'Toole







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