A Self-inflected Suffering Reality

Suffering is the nuances of many expressions and stories. Each of us have our own stories of suffering to tell because we live mostly from a self-inflicted reality. Simply put, suffering is not part of our Spiritual or Soul's reality but an affliction rooted in the physical, which causes us to live in a fearful, disillusion and skewed reality of who we really are.

We were born with physical and spiritual resources to help us overcome suffering. However, most of us are unable to tap into these resources due to low vibration blockage. The self-inflected suffering reality has become a comfortable space where we live in and welcome.

This self-inflected suffering reality blocks us from connecting to the Source of who we are and what we are....it feeds us lies and makes us believe we are not infinite, powerful, limitless Beings with the capacity to overcome!

The self-inflected suffering reality causes us to react to everything that, which blocks the resonance of our Soul. It creates lack, disillusionment, pain and other ills and creates the daily grind and struggles of life. It overshadows our greatness and leaves us competing with each other, while focusing on things that are not beneficial to our Spiritual journey.

When you are Spiritual aware and are (RE)connected to the essence and soul of who you are, you begin learning to release and let go(D) the self-inflected suffering reality as the lens of who you truly are comes clearer. You learn stillness and how to intuitively tap into the physical and spiritual resources of alignment and balance. Opportunities and doors begin opening and you get proof that miracle exists in your life, which is not an illusion but a reality of your Soul's existence.

Become aware of your self-inflected suffering reality and with conscious effort you will begin to let go of its reign and power over your life. You steer you reality and how you want your life to be and the story you tell. Whatever ails you is only but temporary. Self-inflected suffering reality is also temporary and is an illusion that has shaped your lens and belief system. Letting go of the illusion of suffering is a part of your Soul's journey and what you are here to overcome.

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