This Time of the Year is Magical...

This time of year in November leading up to the Holiday, Christmas or the end of year is magical. It exudes an esoteric energy that is both vulnerable and beautiful at the same time. People are more kinder, gentler and giving. The energy amplifiers 100 folds and the Universe sings in all its glory and grandeur. This time of the year we reflect on what we've done and and could have done throughout the year as we eagerly await in anticipation what the new year will bring. We make list of resolutions and goals, hoping, wishing all our dreams will come true in the new year.

This time of the year, most of us exude gratefulness, kindness, compassion and are even a little bit more self-loving and giving.

This time of the year feels magical and the energy vibrates highly and from a place of healing and love. It's magical when we are hopeful and desire "peace on Earth and goodwill to men".

We believe in miracle.

We become a miracle to others.

We create miracles.

This time of the year is magical, kinder, gentler and for that we are thankful and grateful.

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