You deserve the best...

You deserved everything amazing, beautiful, inspiring and transforming.

You're in this moment expanding outward into space and time, always seeking to attract the abundance the Universe/Source/God/Great Spirit has always had and wanted for you.

You deserve everything gorgeous, laughter and smiles, healing and singing in the rain.

You deserve everything that makes you smile inward and out.

You deserve never to settle for the Source/Universe/God/Great Spirit of all there is wants only the best for you.

You deserve to fall in love with the rain, moon, stars and not just an idea of what you believe these things are.

You deserve everything beautiful as you.

You deserve only the best because the Universe/Source/God/Great Spirit doesn't want anything less than the best for you.

You deserve never to settle. Never compromise unless that which it is moves you into a space of good intentions, positive vibes and allow you to attract all that is abundantly yours.

If you settle for anything that is less, you block your beautiful blessings.

Never settle because that which you are came into existence to attract, to taste, to feel, to live the best life possible.

You deserve the best because the Universe/Source/God/Great Spirit smiles at you and sees you only AS THE BEST! 💕

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