Curls Define Moisturising Kit (8 oz)

Curls Define Moisturising Kit (8 oz)


The Curls Define Moisturising Kit products are pH Balanced and formulated to effectively work on fine, low porosity, dry hair.  Botanical ingredients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins hydrate and nourish hair from root to tip while leaving hair soft, frizz-free, nourished, hydrated and moisturised for days. 


Tested on real people and proven to define and ehnance curl pattern and formation while giving you juicy, shine and beautiful twist-outs. Products will not leave residue, build-up, tack or greasy feel.


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8 oz - Lavender Comfrey Gel

8 oz - Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser Cream

8 oz - Flaxseed Fenugreek Gel


Lavender Comfrey Gel

Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Lavender & Comfrey Botanical Infusion/ Vegetable Glycerin/ Vegetable Polysorbate-80 (Solubilizer)/ Lavender Oil/ Glyceryl Polymethacrylate (Glycerin Source)/ Jojoba Oil/ Maltodextrin-VP (Potato Starch) Carbomer.


Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser Cream

Organic Comfrey Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Gel & Juice/ Unrefined Cupuacu Butter/ Propanediol (Fermented Sugar)/ organic Jojoba Oil/ Organic Comfrey Oil/ Sugar-cane Sorbitol/ Unrefined  Babassu/ Organic Grape Seed Oil/ Vegetable Glycerine/ Maltodextrin-VP (Potato Starch) Copolymer.


Flaxseed Fenugreek Gel

Organic Brown Flax Seed & Fenugreek Gel/ Maltodextrin-VP (Potato Starch Vegetable) Copolymer/ Organic Murumuru Butter/ Propanediol (Fermented Corn Sugar)/ Pro-Vitamin B5/ Organic Argan Oil/ Jojoba Oil.

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