Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser (8oz)

Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser (8oz)


pH Balanced: 4.5 


An Organic creamy, natural Aloe and Comfrey styling moisturiser that will define, smooth frizz, nourish and hydrate your hair, giving you super hydrated, soft manageable curls and volume. 



Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser mixes well witthout residue and build-up when used with the Leave-in Hydration Moisturising Lotion Leave-in Hydration Moisturising SprayFlaxseed Custard, Lavender Comfrey Gel and Irish Moss Gel for multiple styling and Wash-n-Go.



Apply Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser on damp or wet hair and saturate every strands, then twist, braid, cornrow or plait hair.


For Wash-n-Go styling apply one of our BodiLicious Gels atop of the Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser, then shingle and/or rake product through until curls/coils are formed.  


Organic Comfrey Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Gel & Juice/ Unrefined Cupuacu Butter/ Propanediol (Fermented Sugar)/ Golden Jojoba Oil/ Organic Comfrey Oil/ Sugar-cane Sorbitol/ Unrefined  Babassu/ Organic Grape Seed Oil/ Vegetable Glycerine/ Maltodextrin-VP (Potato Starch) Copolymer/ Food-grade Vitamin E/ Essential Oil & Mint Medley Essential Oils Blend/ Organic Menthol/ Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate (Natural Chelating/ Paraben-free preservative.

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