Mineral Clay Charcoal Soap Bar (5oz)

Mineral Clay Charcoal Soap Bar (5oz)


pH Balanced: 5-6


Our Charcoal Soap is formulated for the face and body and comes UNSCENTED even for the most sensitive skin to use. We use premium, Grade-A organic Bamboo Charcoal, Seaweed Clay, Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Organic Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Tea Tree Extract, Calendula Extract, Jojoba Oil and other plant-based botanical ingredients to create our Charcoal Soap, which will heal, nourish and reveal a soft supple, beautiful complexion.



Our Mineral Clay Charcoal Soap Bar can also be used as a Shampoo Bar for all hair types including children's hair to dexotify and clarify hair of build-up and residue without stripping hair of its natural oils. 



Detoxify your skin weekly or bi-weekly with the Detox Clay Powder.  For dry skin use once weekly and multiple times per week for oily/combination skin. Follow up with the Witch Hazel or Rose Water Splash (if your prefer toning befor applying a moisturiser) or apply moisturiser straight after washing of mask.  


Daily Maintenance

At night wash your face with either the Mineral Clay Charcoal Soap Bar or Charcoal Face Cleanzer. In the morning you can simply cleanse your face with fresh water or use the Witch Hazel or Rose Water Splash. Depending on your skin condition and skin type, use the Pore Penetrator Cleanzer for deeper detoxifing and cleansing once per week for dry skin or multiple times for oily/combination or problem-prone skin. After cleansing, apply the Sensitive Skin Moisturser for moisture, balance and the needed vitmains, minerals and antioxidants your skin needs. For additional moisture, apply a plant butter, oil or the Ucuuba Neem Oil Serum.  Always use a moisturiser in the day for added protection.  



Due to the level of Activated Charcoal contained in this soap, it can be common for a white "ash" to form on the outside of the soap bar. Simply wipe the bar with a clean cloth if this occurs.



Saponified Olive Oil/ Saponified Ucuuba Butter/ Saponified Apricot Oil/ Saponified Hemp Seed Oil/ Saponified Jojoba Oil/ Saponified Shea Butter/ Saponified Coconut Oil/ Activated Bamboo Charcoal/ Saponified Perilla Seed Oil/ Saponified Organic Mango Butter/ Rhassoul Food-grade Clay/ Koalin Clay/ Organic Seaweed Clay/ Calendula Extract/ Tea Tree Liquid Extract/ Vitamine E/ Vitamin A.

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