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Our Chebe Hair Products are formulated with 100% authentic Chebe Powder from Chad, and will strengthen, nourish, moisturise and grow your hair while reducing  breakage, shedding and tangle. 


Chébé is a Chadian mixture of herbs formulated primarily from Lavender Croton, a shrub grown in Africa. The shrub is used for medicinal purposes and to cleanse the scalp and prevent fungus and other scalp issues. Lavender Croton is mixed with other ingredients to create the Chébé Powder.


Chébé is the hair care secrets of Chadian women with naturally long, beautiful hair. Research shows that from childhood, Chadian women apply Chébé Powder mixed in a paste on their hair strands, reapplying mixture every 3-5 days. By doing this ritual, Chebe has kept their hair super moisturised and lubricated resulting in long hair that does not easily break or tangle. Watch the video above for more information. 


  • Strengthening, Conditioning and deeply moisturising. 

  • Thickens and volumizes your hair with continued use.

  • Locks in moisture and nourishes the follicles resulting in shine, growth, reduce breakage and knotting. 

Chebe Ingredients:

  • Lavender Croton

  • Cherry Kernel Seeds

  • Missic (Resin Tree Sap to scent)

  • Organic Cloves

  • Organic Coconut Oil


Chebe Hair Butter: VEGAN 

Formulated with no animal by-product. Infused with minerals, antioxidants and BTMS-50 (non-sulfate conditioning agent) to soften, moisturise and detangle hair. 


The Chebe Hair Butter can be used as a:




Chebe Hair Paste: VEGAN 

Formulated with a variety of high premium organic, Fair-trade, Kosher plant butters and oils.

You can use the Chebe Paste in 2 ways. 


Mix the Chebe Hair Paste with one of our Conditioner, the Chebe Twist'n Custard or Chebe Hair Butter. On damp or wet hair, apply Paste making sure to not apply product on your scalp, then follow with a protective style. Repeat application every 3-5 days or until wash day.



Or, apply the Chebe Paste directly onto damp or wet hair, making sure to saturate hair as needed then follow with a protective style. Repeat application every 3-5 days or until wash day. 



Chebe Custard: NON-VEGAN

Formulated with an exoitic array of plant butters and organic Canadian Buffalo Tallow and Beeswax.


The Chebe Twist'n Custard has a thicker consistency and will give your hair a more defined twist-in/twist-out and braid styles with a firmer hold than the Chebe Hair Butter.


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