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- Margia, UK

 ~ Margia, London UK


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Patricia has helped my family and I overcome a negative spirit that was plaguing our family for many months. After the first ritual house cleansing, we literally could feel and sense healing and transformation; as well as a divine shift in the energy flow in our home. No longer are we living in fear from spirit attack and manipulation; and our home is peaceful and definitely feels more spiritually-centered and protected.       ~Stewart

I've been using Princess Bodylicious products for a while with great results. Before I started using the Beauty Shine Serum, I suffered from Rosacea and extreme dryness and was medicated on steroids for many years without much success. However, since Patricia's Beauty Serum and the Hair & Body Healing Balm, I am no longer on steroids.  I also love the pain relief roll-on, which works to  relieve my joint pain and discomfort for hours. Every Christmas, I gift Bodylicious products to friends and family who love them as I do! My staple/favorite products are the pain relief roll-on, lavender-tea tree deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, skin illuminator, leave-in hydration lotion and spray, and the sensitive skin moisturizer. Thanks Patricia for creating such amazing products. I truly love feeling bodylicious! ~ J. Mulgrave

Charcoal Mineral Clay

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I no longer have a problem with dry, eczema-prone skin. I've not had any flare-up since using BodiLicious products. My skin is more hydrated and glowing. Thanks Princess P for making such great skin-care products. ~ Gwynn

Patricia is the real deal if you are looking for a spiritual worker to help you heal and transform your life.  I met Patricia through recommendation from friends.  I was anxious to meet her but once I did she made me feel welcome and reassured.  I left the session with new-found peace and empowerment that I'd never had since the death of my child.  I find Patricia very straight-forward and down-to-earth in her approach to healing and helping others.

     I am thankful to meet Patricia when I did.  She introduced me to her product-line, which she lovingly created for my use.   I recently ordered several bottles of conditioner, sulfate-free shampoo and deodorants to gift to friends and family. The report I am receiving from them is that it's the best conditioner  and deodorant they've ever used.   

        I also love the Rose Bliss lotion, which leaves my skin hydrated longer. Thank you Patricia for bringing such wonderful gifts and sharing your talent of healing to the world.  Because of you, I have transcended my life and am beginning to understand I'm powerful  and gorgeous with much to offer the world.  Thank you and God bless. ~ Norma

These products works magically for me expecially the body lotion, shampoo and condition. I had problems with my skin , it is always dry and have an itchy sensation. So I heard about the bodilicious products and I gave it a chance and from that one time I've been using it up until now. My hair had a constant rough texture and would not grow; once I started using the shampoo and conditioner my hair got softer and started to grow gradually. I can attest to the goodness of this product line; so everyone with any condition, it can be resolved by using bodilicious.  ~ Ceyanna

I've been using BodiLicious products for a while and can now give a more honest review. Recently I threw out all the store-bought conditioners and shampoos in favor of BodiLicious ones.  I came to this decision after going back and forth using both the BodiLicious conditioner and shampoo and store-bought brands. I find that the store-bought conditioner leaves my scalp itchy and prone to dryness and caused my hair to shed more. Additionally, a 16 ounce bottle of store-conditioner doesn't last long, because it was water-down I had to use more, which cost more money!  With the  BodiLicious conditioner, I use less because it is more concentrated, plus my hair-care routine required less time than with the store-bought hair products.  Thank you Patricia for making such great products and offering such personal one-on-one service on how to use your products. ~ Sheryl

This deodorant balanced my pH Level so that I can go a day and doesn't smell if I forget to use it.  A god sent deodorant. Also, I love that my children use it without having to worry about hidden chemicals. Natural and one jar last me long.  ~ Lisa , ER Nurse

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