Chebe Twist'n Custard (8 oz)

Chebe Twist'n Custard (8 oz)





We make it easier for you to incorporate Chebe into your regime while confidentially wearing your hair out using the Chebe Twist'n Custard. A thick custard-like aesthetically-pleasing Hair Butter  infused with 100% pure, authentic Chebe from the Republic of Chad.


Handcrafted with natural and plant ingredients, saponified tallow and an exotic combination of unrefined butters, authentic Chebe Powder, organic Beeswax, Pure MSM Powder and premium Grade-A Essential Oils blend to nourish hair, reduce breakage, promote growth, moisturise your hair and enhance the vibrancy of your hair.  


Product will not stain clothes and does not contain synthetic oils, dyes or colour.    


    Moisturising sealant.
    Protective styling such as Twist, Cornrow, Buns, etc.
•    Protects hair from environmental stressors.
•    Protects hair from dryness and breakage.
    Enhances the vibrancy of hair and curls.
•    Reduces breakage.

    Reduces knotting & tangle

    Nourishes and promotes growth.
    Extremely moisturising.
•    100% pure, authentic Chebe from the Republic of Chad.



The Chebe Twist'n Custard is formulated with a variety of permium and organic, Fair-trade Plant Butters, which are extremely high in nutrients and vitamins, lecithin, sterolins, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and isoflavones.


Proven to easily penetrate into the hair shaft, and an effective moisturising hair butter for hydrating the scalp and even the skin’s moisture barrier while softening dry, thirsty hair and exhibiting good spreadability.



 NO Silicone, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Shea Butter, Soya Bean Oil or Canola Oil.




Organic Murumuru Butter/ Organic Tucuma Butter/ Organic Shea Butter/ Organic Ucuuba Butter/ Saponified Canadian Tallow/ Organic Vanilla Oil/ Organic Avocado Butter/ Organic Avocado Oil/ Organic Castor Oil/ Organic Beeswax/ Ceteareth-25 (Vegetable Stabiliser)/ Propanediol (Vegetable Humectant)/ Maltodextrin-VP (Potato Starch) Copolymer/ Glyceryl Stearate (Vegetable Emollient)/ Vegetable Glycerin (Humectant).

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