Vegetable Deodorant Men (3.5oz)

Vegetable Deodorant Men (3.5oz)


pH Balanced (5)


An Aluminum free, Paraben free, GMO-free, Zinc-free, Gel Deodorant with antiseptic properties and vegetable protein, which breaks down odour-causing bacteria into a simple salt to effectively neutralise it, leaving your armpit smelling fresh. Goes on smooth and is extremely moisturizing. 


✔ Breaks down odour-causing bacteria and effectively neutralises odour.  
✔ Softens armpits.
✔ Will not stain clothes.
✔ Clears darken underarms.
✔ Balance pH.
✔ Heals irritated armpit and bumps.
✔ Gentle enough to use day & night.
✔ Mommy & Daddy tested on children.




•    Reduce underarm odour by 94%.
•    Reduce irritation by 95%.
•    Change underarms bacteria flora by 99%.
•    Be a best seller with 100% repurchased.
•    Be repurchased of 2 or more jars in one order.
•    Highly recommended by friends or family 9 out of 10 times.



Unscented or scented using Grade-A Essential Oils or plant-based natural/fruit aroma.



Choose your Scent (3.5oz)

Vegetable Propylene Glycol (Derived from Corn)/ Magnetised Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Calendula Infusion/ Kosher Sodium Stearate/ PEG-200 Castor Oil/ Aloe Vera Extract/ Grapefruit Seed Extract/ Sea Mineral BioFerment/ Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (Coconut Derived)/ Radish Root Ferment Filtrate.


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