Proppa Poppin Curlz Kit (8oz)

Proppa Poppin Curlz Kit (8oz)


pH Balanced (4)


The Proppa Popping Curlz Kit includes: 

8 oz Leave-in Hydration Moisturising Spray
8 oz Flaxseed Fenugreek Curlz Custard

8 oz Lavender Comfrey Gel


Hard-to-curl or defiant hair cannot resist curl formation with the Proppa Poppin Curlz Kit. Formulated with plant-based, organic, fair-trade ingredients to work on super fine hair, and oily or combination hair. After one use your hair will be super wavy, coily or curly, frizz-free, non-greasy, non-sticky and non-tacky.


Tested and proven to leave your curls super hydrated, moisturised and defined on Wash-n-Go, Twistout and Braidout styles.  To sculpt edges or for a firmer hold, apply the CurlZ-Trol Super Hold Gel as the final stage then shingle and/or rake products evenly through hair until curls are formed and clumped together. To sculpt edges even further or use on Permed/Press hair, apply the Tun Up Styling Sculptor.


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8oz - Leave-in Hydration Moisturising Spray

The Leave-in Hydration Moisturising Spray is a lightweight, oil-free spray formulated and fortified with antioxidants, vitamins, humectants and mineral complex with superb conditioning, detangling and shine properties.


8oz - Flaxseed Fenugreek Curlz Custard

An organic pH Balanced, Protein-free, Silicone-free and Paraben-free moisturising cream, fortified with minerals and plant nutrients to define your curls, smooth frizz, nourish and hydrate your hair, and help your hair flourish and grow healthy.  The Flaxseed Curlz Custard formulated to enhance the curl pattern of your hair leaving it soft and manageable while giving your style a light hold. 

Suitable for Afro-textured, Kinky, Coily, Wavy and Curly hair types.

8oz - Lavender Comfrey Gel

Our Lavender Comfrey Gel is light-weight handmade with an organic Aloe base and hair-loving, Fair Trade ingredients to reduce frizz, define and soften your curls and bring out the vibrancy of your hair. Our Gel has been tested and proven to work well with other BodiLicious products without build-up, flaking and residue. You can rest assured if you have low porosity hair and/or fine hair that our Hair Gel will not weigh your hair down or leave a tacky, sticky feel.


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