Tun Up Styling Sculptor

Tun Up Styling Sculptor


pH Balanced (5)




Show your defiant, hard-to-stay-in-place hair who's the boss with our Tun Up Styling Sculptor, a Vegetable Styling Paste designed for men, women and the younger generation with staying power to hold any style in place effortlessly!


Whether you love a tousled or sleek look, or whatever your hair style, our Tun Up Styling Sculptor will set your hair in place and you at peace. Best of all its Water-Soluble Formula rinses clear and clean with every shower, even with daily use!  Works on both dry hair and wet hair and will match up with your styling needs every time!




Use Tun Up Styling Sculptor on dry edges for a less glossy, less structured look. Or apply on wet hair for a more glossy, pliable hold. Apply enough of the product to style and manipulate Kinky, Coily, Tightly coiled or Type4 textures then lay hair smoothly with a scarf. If you feel your edges/hair is too stiff, simply spray some water or Hair Fluid on application site then smooth hair until it is more pliable.



Tie hair edges at night with a silk scarf, head wrap, etc. If hair edges are ruffled next morning, or if you desire a more neater hold, spray application site with a bit of water to reactivate paste and then reshape using a brush or edge brush. If you desire, a more stronger hold, reapply a small bit of paste on wet/moisten edges then reshape with a brush or edge brush. To further lay edges neatly, tie with a scarf or head wrap for 10 minutes or more!  You can always wash out Tun Up Styling Sculptor from edges before bed then (re)style edges in the morning.


Always do a patch test before use.


The Tun Up Sculptor can be used with the following products without worrying about product build-up and/or residue.

• Aloe Hair Fluid

• CurlZ-Trol Edge Control

• CurlZ-Trol Super Hold Gel

• Lavender Comfrey Gel

• Leave-in Hydration Moisturising Spray

• Leave-in Hydration Moisturising Lotion

• Curlz Dessert Moisturising Cream

• Loc-it Tight MoistHAIR-Riser

• Curlz Hydrating Conditioner

• Flaxseed Curlz Custard: Lavender, Gardenia & Lemon Cream

• Shine & Define Styling Cream


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