Spiritual Healing


Like an old tattered sheet, sometimes we must be stitched and pieced back together to become whole again.

~ Princess P


We are Healers and Root Workers. We focus on the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions and offer a variety of Alternative/Holistic Services for optimal health and healing.  We believe that the body is made up of different interdependent parts, working together. However, when there is an emotional, physical and/or Spiritual imbalance, it can negatively affect the body. Releasing negative, toxic energy, and aligning and balancing the body so that you can live a more blessed and  wholesome life is so important. 

PMV Technique

Product Match Vibration

Spiritual Development

Exploring your Spiritual path can be daunting, frightening and lonely.  Often times, most people do not know who to turn to for Spiritual advice, development and understanding.  You can turn to us as we have been in your shoes and can help guide and council you on your Sacred Soul Path. 

Life Strategy Counselling

We examines what is going on in your life right now, intuitively discover obstacles or challenges holding you back and develop a strategy that will help you overcome and transform.

Spiritual Mediumship

We use every tool in our arsenal to tackle everything from haunting and curses, to spiritual house cleansing, spirit cross-over and contacting the dead. 

Energy Healing

We offer Reiki, Chakra Alignment & Balancing, and other modalities for stress reduction and relaxation, to release Spiritual/Emotional DIS-ease and negative energy, and re-balance and re-align energy flow bringing your body back into balance.

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