Lemongrass is an herb that belongs to the grass family of Poaceae. Lemongrass is also known as Cymbopogon.


Lemongrass has antimicrobial & antiseptic Properties and beneficial for people suffering from scalp inflammation or irritation. Regular use of lemongrass can regulate sebum  making it ideal for growing healthy natural hair and retaining hair growth, reducing breakage and excess shedding. 

Lemongrass strengthens Hair Follicles and fight hair loss. Hair retention is key to optimal growth. Thus taking care of your hair is the key to healthy beautiful hair. Due to its cleansing properties, Lemongrass will leave your hair, scalp and follicles cleanses, which important in retention. 

Lemongrass treats Oily Hair and regulate sebum.  The astringent properties of Lemongrass can regulate sebum and keeps oily hair balanced.  While adding shine, Lemongrass will help eliminate or reduce the production of excess oil/sebum. 

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