Lemongrass Hair & Body Souffle (8 oz)

Lemongrass Hair & Body Souffle (8 oz)


The Lemongrass Hair & Body Souffle is a hand-whipped extreme moisturiser, jampacked with potent, skin-and-hair-loving ingredients to heal cracked, dry skin, nails, cuticles and bring your hair back to health.  We use a high concentration of unrefined, organic plant butters and oils, which will rejuvenate, heal and nourish.


Infused with Grade-A Canadian Honey to soften and nourish hair and Lemongrass Essential Oil to strengthen hair follicles, which helps fight hair loss, regulate the sebum of oily hair and leave leave-dull looking hair shine and nourished.



Lemongrass Essential Oil is known for its antimicrobial, antiseptic and cleansing properties and is used to regulate sebum/oil on oily hair and to treat scalp condition. Lemongrass can be used in facial toners as its astringent properties may assist in reducing the look of oily or greasy skin. With its uplifting aroma, Lemongrass Essential Oil strengthens the senses and can be used in bath for soothing purposes.


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NO Silicone, Parabens, Coconut Oil, Soya Bean Oil or Canola Oil.

Organic Prickly Pear Butter, Organic Calendula Butter & Organic Avocado Butter infused with Lemongrass Extract/ Organic Unrefined Tucuma Butter/ Organic Unrefined Shea Butter/ Organic Green Tea Butter/ Organic Avocado Oil/ Organic Castor Seed Oil/ Organic Jojoba Oil/ Organic Manuka Honey/ Organic Avocado Extract/ Organic Argan Oil/ Vitamin E (food-grade)/ Organic Vegetable Glycerin/ Lemongrass Essential Oil/ Lemongrass Verbena Essential Oil/ Rosemary Oleoresin/ Grapefruit Seed Extract.  

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